Thursday, June 23rd

We are gonna miss you Gabrielle!

We are gonna miss you Gabrielle!

Make sure you submit your favorite actions pictures for the Wall of Fame at Elm City. Send you photos to Joe at

Wamup: 12 minutes of

2 minutes squat therapy

2 minutes rowing

10 kbs

10 reverse hypers

5 plank to prayer


"Half Linda" - 5! of

Deadlift 1.5xBW

Bench 1xBW

Clean .75xBW

* 7 minute CAP ~ Scale as needed


For Time:

10! of

Wallballs 20/14#


with 1 dumpster dash after each set


Endurance: Meet at ECC @ 530 am

10 Rounds of:

Bike 2 miles TT (on rail trail)

Run around the building

rest 2 minutes


Joe Kusnitz