State of the Union


We sincerely appreciate all of the input and encouragement everyone has given over the last few weeks. We would like to thank you by presenting you with a place that is completely yours, unique and truly amazing!

Starting in April we are offering some changes:

Open Gym/Floor anytime Elm City is open. This will give athletes the opportunity to use the facility, follow other programming, work on strength or other sport specific programming. This is a great opportunity for outside athletes to come into our facility and have the opportunity to do their own programming or follow some of the amazing programmers around the world right here at Elm City. So if you have friends from other gyms who want to workout and not follow a class ~ they can become to Elm City

Schedule Changes. Tuesday and Thursday mornings will be Endurance/Open Floor from 6-7 am. We will also condense our Saturday schedule to 8-10 am.

Elm City Strongman is born. We have spent a good amount of time and money developing our program and we are ready to compete! Coach Joe and Coach Eric will be competing in the upcoming months. We are already aligned Elm City with multiple Strongman gyms, coaches, and programming methodologies to become New Haven/Hamden’s elite Strongman facility. Another offering for new athletes to join our amazing facility and community.

Joe Kusnitz