Thursday, December 14th

Warmup: 5 rounds of

10 meter bear crawl

10 ghd situps

10 dumbbell presses

10 oly bar bent over rows


Buy-in: Perfect Snatch Complex ~ dont care about weight - we need perfect movement!

Mid-shin to high hang x6

Mid-shin to snatch pull x6

Mid-shin to power snatch x6

Mid-shin to full squat snatch x 6

Over-head Squat x6


Strength: Snatch (power or full squat ~ depends on the athlete)

1x5, 3x3, 3x1


WOD: 15 Minute AMRAP ~ Teams of 2

1 Squat Clean 135/95#

1 Ring Dip

2 Squat Clean 

2 Ring Dips

3 Squat Cleans

2 Ring Dips.... Until time is called

Joe Kusnitz