Monday, February 29

Magic Mike

Magic Mike

Warmup: 3 Rounds

10 wall balls

3 wall walks

10 kbs


Buy-in: 90 seconds max rep wall balls ~ Athlete Picks Weight


Strength: Push Press 6-4-2-2-2-1 ~ increasing load


WOD: OTMx20 minutes of

Odd minutes: 5 Deadlifts 225/135#

Even minutes: 5 Burpee Toes to Bar (athlete stands under the pull-up bar, then performs a burpee with the jump right into the the toes to bar)

*Scaled options would be burpee to knees to elbows or burpee to knee ups


Sellout: For Time

10-8-6-4-2 of Thrusters 115/75#

with 2 Rope Climbs after each set


Joe Kusnitz