Tuesday, September 17th - Dominate the Day!


Warmup: 3 Rounds of

1 Dumpster Dash

2 Forward Rolls

3 Plank to prayer

4 kbs


Dominate the Day is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created to honor the life and legacy of Jordan Sebastian. In order to understand what we are all about, you must learn about Jordan. As a little boy, he was loving, adorable, funny, and super athletic. We used to joke that Jordan never walked anywhere--he jumped, ran, climbed, and bounced instead. He was enthusiastic about everything. Growing up he worked incredibly hard at school and sports, striving to be better at whatever he tackled. He was respectful of his parents, teachers, coaches and adults in general. He realized that, despite all his intelligence and talent, he could always learn to be better, especially if he was reverent and respectful of the adults he trusted.

As a young adult, he was kind, gorgeous, still funny, a football genius. He was an incredibly loyal, forgiving, and loving family man. Jordan played Division 1 football, earning his degree in English from the University of Rhode Island and then worked at his high school alma mater, The Hopkins School, where he was loved and revered by his students and colleagues. Then, at 24 years old, out of nowhere, Jordan was diagnosed with cancer. And yet, despite this horrible news, Jordan continued to fight with the same vigor and live with the same grace he always had. He remained positive, powering through pain, procedures and treatment with hope. He gave us all hope; he continued to work and coach and mentor young people, and most importantly, he kept his faith in God.

At one point in the hospital, even after more bad news, Jordan said “I never feel like I’m not winning.” That statement captures Jordan’s positive mental attitude and the incredible perspective he held throughout his life. No matter how challenging the obstacle, Jordan never quit. And even now, while Jordan is no longer on this earth, he continues to inspire others to live with hope, to be better, and to dominate each and every day. The Dominate the Day Foundation is our way of carrying out his legacy by continuing what he was passionate about--coaching, mentoring and teaching kids. Jordan remains a shining example of what it means to be a great human being.

"Sebastian Strong" is a workout that was created by Elm City to honor, support and remember one of our own! This workout was first done on September 17, 2017 and will be done every year to honor this amazing human being.

3 Rounds of:

1 Minute Max Rep Burpees

1 Minute Max Rep Hang Cleans 75/45#

1 Minute Max Rep Box Jumps 20/16"

1 Minute Max Rep Jerks 75/45#

1 Minute Max Calorie Row

1 Minute Rest

*Score = Total number of reps completed!



OTM x 24 minutes

100 meter sprint

Also, happy birthday to these two. :P

Also, happy birthday to these two. :P

Joe Kusnitz