Saturday - Monday, December 22nd-24th

Happy holidays from two of ECC’s finest!

Happy holidays from two of ECC’s finest!


Warmup: Athlete's Choice


WOD: “Chad”

1000 Box Step-up for time 20”

*with 45# vest, backpack or dumbell

**movements can be scaled and shared as needed



Amnesty - pick a workout you may have missed during the week or work on a skill

**7 am - Sunday Funday = Everyone welcome even non members



Warmup: 12 minutes of

10 calorie row

4 plank to prayer

10 KBS

4 forward rolls


Strength: Back Squat 5x5


WOD: 100 Bench Presses for Time

*Top of Each Minute athlete performs 5 Pullups

**Athlete Picks weight but cannot change weight once started


New Haven Rugby Conditioning: 20 minute AMRAP

400 meter run

12 KBS

12 box overs

12 Calorie Row

Joe Kusnitz