Thursday, September 12th - Friday, September 13th

Thursday, September 12th

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3 Minute AMRAP

Sets of 7 Unbroken Toes to Bar


Bench Press 5!

Start @ 70% of your one rep max and increase load each set

10 Ring Dips between each set


Endurance: 6am / 6pm @ Eli Whitney Museum [915 Whitney Ave., Hamden] 

3/4 Mile jog to Prospect Street

4, 5 or 6 x Prospect Hill [bottom of hill to stop light]

Odd interval recovery = walk/jog back down [no rest @ bottom]

Even interval recovery = sprint back to bottom, then rest 3 minutes


Friday, September 13th


5 Rounds for Time

3 Deadlift @ 75% of One Rep Max

6 Overhead Lunges [step out then back, not walking] @ 45#/25#

9 Abmat Situps


Prowler Push Relay [Coach on floor to set teams and distance]