Tuesday, October 8th - Wednesday, October 9th

Tuesday, October 8th


Handstand Pushups


4 x 8 Bench Press @ 75% of One Rep Max

Between sets, 10 Banded Pull Aparts


12 Minute AMRAP

Team Tire Flip


Endurance: 6 am @ ECC

Pick one for time:

1 mile row, 2 mile run

800 meter row, 1 mile run

400 meter row, 800 meter run, 400 meter row, 800 meter run



Endurance: 6 pm @ ECC

1x2 miles

2x 2miles

3x 2 miles

Rest is 3-5 mins between each interval


Wednesday, October 9th



20 Minute AMRAP

400 Meter Run

Max Rep Pullups

Workout is scored by total number of pullups completed in the 20 minutes.  Each set of max rep pullups is to be completed as unbroken, meaning as soon as you come off of the bar, start your 400 meter run.

[Last completed May 29th, 2013]