Thursday Jan 3- Sunday Jan 6th


Strength: Front Squat 3X8 @ 65% of 1RM

WOD: “Annie” – 50-40-30-10

Double Unders

Ab Mat Situps


Endurance:  Meet at the Box (Elm City CrossFit Main Gym)

We will jog ~3/4 mile to the base of Morse Street (the start) we will then run:

4, 5 or 6 x Morse Hill

Odd Intervals –recover with a walk or jog down

Even Intervals – sprint down to bottom and recover ~ 3 minutes




“The Delvecchio”

10 Down and back up

Double Unders

KBS 55/35#




Change of Plans!!!! Due to the overwhelming response from our members and the sell-out of the charity event in Newtown, we have decided to run classes on Saturday.

7am - OPP/Open Class

10 am - Class Only (No 9 am)

WOD: "John Runkle"

20 Min AMRAP

5- Dead Lift 225/155#

7- Burpees

10- KBS 70/55#

200 Meter Run



Amnesty – makeup a workout you may have missed