Monday, August 6th - Wednesday, August 8th

Monday, August 6th

3 Sets of Max Rep Front Squats @ 75% Bodyweight

3 Minutes after the last athlete completes the above;

5 Down

Back Squats @ 50% Bodyweight

Box Over [24"/20"]

Athletes rest between sets of Front Squats will be 3 minutes.

The "5 Down" portion of the workout is to be completed at follows; 5 Back Squats, 5 Box Overs, 4 Back Squats, 4 Box Overs, etc.  Last round would consist of 1 Back Squat and 1 Box Over.  Athletes will take the weights for their Back Squats from the floor.


Tuesday, August 7th

4 Rounds

1 Shoulder Press @ 85% of one rep max

3 Push Press

5 Split Jerk

10 Burpees

2 Minutes Recovery

The weight determined by the Shoulder Press % will be used throughout the entire workout.  There will be a 2 minute recovery period built into each round after the completion of the burpees.

TUESDAY ENDURANCE @ Eli Whitney on Whitney Ave - East Rock Special with Coach Kimmie - wear your trail shoes - see you at 6 am 


Wednesday, August 8th

20 Minutes As Many Rounds As Possible [AMRAP]

10 Ring Rows

200 Meter Farmers Walk [2x 45#/25# Dumbells]

20 Air Squats