Monday, August 27th - Wednesday, August 29th

As August comes to a close, we will continue through September with programming intended to increase lean muscle mass while continuing to build cardiovascular capacity with an abundance of work/rest and interval based workouts.

Monday, August 27th

8 Rounds for Time

10 Kettlebell Swings [70#/55#], American style with full extension overhead

200 meter run

1 minute rest

The 1 minute of rest is built into each round.


Tuesday, August 28th

5 Rounds

Max Rep Bench Press @ 75% of one rep max

Max Rep Pullups

Athletes will transition immediately from Bench Press to Pullups, with rest as needed between rounds.



Box Jumps 


800 meter run after each round


Wednesday, August 29th

10 Rounds of 90 seconds work / 90 seconds rest

Bear Complex [135#/95#]

The Bear Complex consists of the following:

Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press

Each movement is performed individually and to completion, prior to moving on.  Athletes will perform a Power Clean, finishing in full extension with the bar in the front rack, Athletes will then complete a Front Squat, finishing in full extension with the bar in the front rack, Atheltes will then Push Press the weight overhead into full lockout, then receive the bar behind the head.  Once behind the head, Athletes will exectute a Back Squat to full extension, then finish with a behind the head Push Press.  There are ways to speed up this progression, but it will not be done for this workout.  What that means is there is no performance of the Squat Clean to Thruster to Back Squat to Push Press.  Should Athletes find the Push Press movement difficult at their work weight, a Push/Power/Split Jerk is allowed.


800 Meter Row

800 Meter Run

Rest as needed between row/run.