Wednesday February 8, 2012


We will be registering the gym this week for the CF OPEN.  Make sure you select ECC as your home location.  We will not be allowing athletes to complete that week's workout by appointment (as we did last year).  We would like the atmosphere to be competitive and lively.  To do this, we need athletes to be their to compete, cheer and coach. So if you plan on signing up to compete in the Open, make sure you understand that ECC will be doing the workouts on Saturday.  

Strength: 5x

Max Rep Back Squat @ BW

3 Box Jumps

Sellout: Skill Work (if time remains)

Thursday February 9, 2012

Rounds Till Failure

2 Bench @ 87%


Sellout: 3x

Max Dips

6:00am Endurance Coached by Kimmie:

5K TT: Meet @ ECC