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2012 Goal Sheet:                          

NAME: ___________________________

Circle your primary training focus for 2011?

  • Sports specific training
  • General fitness

If Sports Specific:

What sports?

  • Running
  • Multi-sport
  • CrossFit
  • Other _______________

If General Fitness:

Primary concern

  • How you look
  • How you feel

What was your 2011 goal(s)?

Fitness goal:  ________________________________

Nutrition goal: ________________________________

Did you meet your 2011 fitness/nutrition goal(s)? Yes/No

If no, WHY?

If yes, HOW?

What are your 2012 goal(s)?

Fitness goal: ________________________________

Nutrition goal: ________________________________

How will you meet your 2012 fitness/nutrition goal(s)?

Good, bad, or otherwise-it's a fresh start for 2012. Only you can make BIG things happen!

Sunday Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year

10:00am WOD Only

Transitioning out of our max cycle we now get into our building phase. Quality strength work mostly done under actual percentages but coupled with quick met-cons. If you don’t get stronger over the next 8 week block…you fucked up.

Monday January 2, 2012

Strength: 4x6

Back Squat @ 80%

Each set followed by:

3 Box Jumps

10 DB “Jump and Shrugs”

Tuesday January 3, 2012

3RTF (rounds till failure):


Ring Rows

~75sec Rec each cycle~



Bar Curls 95/65

~45sec Rec~