Friday, Sept. 12th - Monday, Sept. 15th


Buy-in: 3x10 weighted lunges


15 Minutes to find a Working Thruster weight (all singles)

On The Minute x 12 mins of:

2 Thrusters @ 70% or Working weight


Sellout: 10x Door to Dumpster Sprints (self regulated rest)



Sean's Showdown!

WOD #1: Batman and Robin

Each partner begins with 1 Burpee and 1 Deadlift. At the top of each minute a rep will be added to the scheme. Each partner must perform the total number of each movement rep within that minute until the team cannot complete the rep scheme in total. Score = total number of successful movements.

Example: Minute 7 – Each athlete completes 7 burpees and 7 deadlifts in any order.


WOD #2: The Flintstones

7 Minute AMRAP – Each team will accumulate max number of wall ball tosses over a target to his/her teammate (partner does not have to catch the ball in order for the rep to count – it must clear the target). At the top of each minute, the team will perform a 20 meter partner farmers carry. Score=total number of Wall Ball Tosses

WOD #3: Tom and Jerry

Each team must complete the following chipper in the order that it is prescribed and only one athlete in motion at one time.

60 Calorie Row

60 Ab Mat Situps

60 Box Jumps to over

60 Shoulder to Overhead

60 Box Jumps to over

60 Ab Mat Situps

60 Calorie Row

*20 Minute Cap



Amnesty - Pick a workout you may have missed during the week or work on a skill



10 Minutes to establish a Snatch Working Weight (all must be singles)


1x3 @ 45%

1x2 @ 75%

4x1 @ 80%


24-21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of:

Push ups

Ab mat Situps

Dumpster Dash between each round