Tuesday, July 15th - Thursday, July 17th


Buy-in: Ring Dips 6x6

1x Max Rep Dead Hang Pullups

6x Dumbell ManMakers (athlete picks the weight)


Push Press 135/75#

Chest to Bar Pullups


Endurance: at ECC @ 6 am

1 mile partner medball burpee sprints



Buy-in: Romanian Dead Lift 95/65#

Strength: Front Squat 6x5 @ 60-70% - up tempo with 8 alternating Bulgarian Split Lunges after each set (athlete picks the weight using dumbells or kettlebells)

5 Rounds for Time:

5 Squat Cleans 155/115#

10 T2B

400 Meter Run



Teams of 2 Athletes complete:

1- Death by box jumps 20" and burpees (Example: minute 1- Athlete 1 does one burpee while athlete 2 does 1 box jump... then they must switch = so each round - each athelte must complete both movements and reps) until the last team fails...

6 minute rest

2- 7 Min AMRAP of: Max distance farmers carry @ 95# on each bar with 50 Double Unders at every 100' (you can break up the double unders how ever you want - both teamates do not have to participate)


Endurance: at ECC @ 6 am

TBD by Kimmie