Tuesday, July 1st - Friday July 4th


Buy-in: Windmill/Bent Press 4x6 both sides using dumbells or kettlebells - athlete picks weight

Max rep deadhang pullups x 1

Strength: Clean-grip behind the neck push press 6x6 - assending weight

6 Rounds for Time:

6 Floor Presses @ 3/4 BW

9 Burpees

12 Ab mat Situps


Endurance: at ECC @ 6 am

30 minute AMRAP:

Obstacle Run

Med Ball Suicides

Double Unders



Back Squat 8x3 - Assending weight with 8 OLY BAR OH walking lunges after each set - athlete picks weight

10 x 100 meter Prowler Pushes - self regulated rest & athlete picks weight



Partner Workout will be performed on Saturday in celebration of our Summer Bash! Party at Mark's House - Address is on the board at the gym - Party starts at 5 pm

Buy-in: 4x12 ring pushups

Strength: 12x1 Shoulder Press with 8 banded pull aparts after each set


20 Min AMRAP

400 meter run

max rep pullups


Endurance: at ECC @ 6 am




Happy 4th of JULY!

ONLY 1 Workout at 9 am!