Thursday, October 2nd- Friday, October 3rd-




10 minute turkish get ups



Team "Nicole"

30 minute amrap of:

400 meter run

max rep pullups

*Partner A runs while Partner B does max rep pullups,

once partner B comes off the bar, he/she must do 10 burpees

and wait for parner A to come back and then switch.



3 x 10 Oly Bar Overhead Walking Lunge- max weight


Endurance @ 6 am @ Eli Whitney Museum (915 Whitney Ave, Hamden):

We will jog 3/4 mile to the base of Prospect Street (the start)

we will then run:

4, 5, or 6 x Prospect Hill (bottom to stop light not pillar)

On odd intervals recover with a walk/jog back down

On even intervals sprint down and recover at the bottom- 3 minutes



100 Abmat Situps- not for time


On The Minute x 20 minutes of:

odd minute- 2 x 1 Snatch @ 80%

even minute- 3 perfect handstand pushups or

1 wall walk (no band, no mats)



4 x 10 seated dumbell presses


Front Squat 6 x 6, heavy with 

5 box jumps after each set @ 30/24"