Thursday July 25th - Monday July 29th


Front Squat – Find a 5 Rep Max

4 Rounds for time:

Run around the building

6 Front Squats 135/95#

40 Double Unders


Endurance: 6am @ Eli Whitney Museum (915 Whitney Ave., Hamden)

We will jog a ½ mile to the base of Mill Rock Hill then perform repeats of

10, 12 or 15 x Mill Rock Hill

This will be done continuously with recovery being the jog back down

(this is a short relatively steep hill…all hill no flat)



Jerk 4x2 (behind the neck)

On the Minute x 12 minutes of:

3 – Squat Clean & Jerks @ 65%



“Linda” 10!

Dead Lift 1.5xBW (Body Weight)

Bench 1xBW

Clean .75xBW



Amnesty – Make up a workout you may have missed or work on a skill



Box Squat 4x2 @ 75% of 1 RM

Front Squat 4x8 @ 65% of 1RM – with prowler push after each set (self-regulated weight and rest)

Tabata Row – 8x20secs on 10 secs rest