Thursday, September 27th - Sunday, September 30th

Thursday, September 27th

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100 Double Unders [Sub Single Unders at 2:1]

Clean and Jerks - each effort to be performed as singles

Athletes will warm up as appropriate, then complete 20 reps total in the 70% - 85% of one rep max range [increasing weight over the course of those 20 reps].  Athletes will then complete 7 additional reps in the 85% - 95% of one rep max range [again increasing weight as you go].  As noted above, each rep will be a single effort.

THURSDAY ENDURANCE - 2 Mile repeats [2x, 3x or 4x]  Athletes to rest 3 -5 minutes betwen runs.


Friday, September 28th

20 Minutes - As Many Rounds As Possible

200 Meter Row

1 Rope Climb


Saturday, September 29th



Thrusters [95# / 65#]



Sunday, September 30th

Amnesty - Pick a workout you missed from the previous week [no repeats]